Mural highlights lobby restoration

"Saving the Majestic" a mural at Hebron's Majestic movie
theater On July 2nd, The Arts Council of Thayer County
(ACT) will be unveiling a new mural painted by Cindy Chinn
that is installed in the theatre lobby.

HEBRON — Some local history has been tossed in with movie magic to create one of the latest additions to the lobby of the Majestic Theatre.

The Arts Council of Thayer County will unveil "Saving the Majestic" during a public reception beginning 8 p.m. Wednesday in the movie theater at 110 S. Fifth St.

Cindy Chinn, an artist who lives and works in the old Chester school, painted the 8-foot by 10-foot acrylic-on-canvas mural to look like a Hollywood back lot scene that features a western movie film set. The buildings in the scene are historic Hebron buildings that are no longer standing.

The four main characters from the movie "Tombstone" are approaching a life-sized gunfighter. A film crew is in the foreground, and the Hollywood Hills are in the background.

"I wanted to do something that was movie-related, and I wanted to do a back lot scene," Chinn said. "I thought 'Oh, it'd be kind of fun to do a gunfighter, western scene' because it has a broader spectrum instead of 'Star Wars' or something like that."

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