Underground contaminants released from landfill

City and state officials are closely monitoring for contaminants in the groundwater from an apparent leak in one of the old buried cells at Hastings Landfill.

"There has been indication of a release," said Ed Southwick, unit supervisor in the remediation section of Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality's waste management division. "The landfill has been in assessment monitoring, which is one level up from detection monitoring. Assessment monitoring is required when the detection monitoring indicates evidence of a release."

The release of "volatile organic compounds" has been detected in monitoring wells and in a private well a half-mile east of the landfill, a situation that city officials are not taking lightly.

In a June 19 letter to the Hastings Utilities Board of Public Works, Hastings City Engineer Dave Wacker wrote that while monitoring wells and the home water well did not detect any contaminants from 2007 to 2011, the NDEQ mandated last November that the city increase its sampling rate for the private well to quarterly.

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