Faces of Tribland: Mary Congrove

Mary Congrove walks her black labrador retriever, Buddy,
on Monday. Congrove's bag holds treats of various sizes for
dogs along the path as they walk.

Even though she knows each dog by name, she never knows which dogs will be out. Still, she carries a bag loaded with treats for dogs of all sizes.

Mary Congrove of Hastings enjoys offering treats to the dogs in her neighborhood as she walks her 4-year-old black Labrador named Buddy.

"I know more dogs' names than I do people," she said.

Generally, she and her husband Benny walk the dog in the mornings. Mary usually walks him again in the afternoon. They go different directions depending on the day. She takes a short route in bad weather. On Sundays, the couple takes a longer walk.

Mary prefers to walk through the alleys so she can see most dogs in the backyard. Most run up to Mary and Buddy as they approach. Some bark. Others just follow. Each one, she calls by name and speaks with as she walks by.

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