Hail leaves little left in fields

Two- to three-foot tall cornstalks are all that is left of this
crop seven miles northwest of Kenesaw after Wednesday
night’s storm passed through.

Little is left of cornstalks and soybean vines after Wednesday’s hail storm and strong winds that seemed to cut a 4-mile-wide path from seven miles northwest of Kenesaw to seven miles southeast of Holstein.

The storm also did its share of damage to property in its path.

Neel and Angela Keiser mostly suffered wind damage to their property at 710 Smith Ave. in Kenesaw.

“We were just finishing up dinner and our phones buzzed with a tornado warning,” Angela Keiser said. “We were not paying attention to the weather before that. We have three little kids, so we quickly grabbed them and went to our storage room in the basement.”

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