City enters online contest for Heartwell Park

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The Hastings Parks and Recreation Department has chosen Heartwell Park as the beneficiary of a recreation grant worth as much as $100,000 if it is one of the top three vote earners in Coca-Cola's "Take It to the Park" campaign.

"It's probably one of our most popular parks with the community. Lots of families go out there and use the wading pool, go fishing, walk around the park, run around the park and eat lunch or dinner out there," parks and rec director Jeff Hassenstab said.

Money received on behalf of the park will be used to renovate its historic bathrooms.

"They're in working order, but with the amount of traffic, we'd like to add a couple more stalls, renovate them, rehab them to make them in good working order so they're presentable for the public and all the events we have out there," Hassenstab said.

The park with the second-most votes will receive $50,000 and $25,000 will be awarded for third place. A randomly drawn finisher in fourth through 25th place will receive $15,000.
Voting will run through July 15, but votes cast July 13 and 14 will count double.
The contest began June 6 and even though the city didn't begin promoting Heartwell Park until a week later, the Hastings park is currently in 19th place and ahead of much larger communities.

"Historically, Hastings has had a lot of success in these types of competitions," Hassenstab said.

Log on to to create a quick account and vote daily for Heartwell Park. Downloading the Four Square app on a smartphone and checking in at Heartwell Park is worth five votes and logging 20 minutes of physical activity on is worth 10 votes.

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