Strutting the small stuff

Gracie Swayze, 11, prepares for showing her cat, Cameo,
before the 4-H Cat and Small Animal Show Thursday at the
Adam County Fair.

Dariana Burr's cat Star is descended from royalty, a fact that was upheld last summer when the Siamese shorthair won grand champion in the junior cat showmanship category at the Nebraska State Fair.

"Siamese cats originated in Asia, where they were usually taken care of by emperors and royalty. These cats are smart, and they would help guard their owners' palaces," Dariana said to the crowd gathered at the cat and small animal show Thursday afternoon at the Adams County Fairgrounds.

After successful showings at previous county fairs, and then the first-place prize at state, Dariana brought Star back to this year's FairFest to continue to refine her showmanship.

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