Hundreds of kids enjoy meal program

Madison Armenta takes a drink of milk while eating
lunch at Hawthorne Elementary School with
Jamie's Child Care July 15.

´╗┐Standing in line, 8-year-old Madden Choate watches as a scoop of chicken and noodles is put on his plate.

Then he asks for a scoop of peas and carrots as he moves down the line.

Walking into the cafeteria, Madden puts a carton of milk on his tray before retreating to a table at the back of the room with his friends.

Madden is just one of nearly 300 kids who flow through the lunch line at Hawthorne Elementary each day during the free summer lunch program.

Ryan Ratigan, food service director with Lunchtime Solutions, said there are really no restrictions or qualifications for children to be a part of the program. They only have to be age 18 or younger.

The program, which is open 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, serves individual children, families, daycare groups and others.

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