No myth that science can be fun

Elijah Combs, 9, eats a pack of Pop Rocks candy to prove
the urban legend wrong that consuming the candy and soda
simultaneously causes your stomach to explode during
Hastings Museum's Mythbusters Wednesday.

The children all sat in a long row hunched over their two-liter bottles poised to pull out the pieces of cardboard that separated the soda from the Mentos.

With one pull of the card, the capsules fell into the pop as the kids ran, some screaming and some giggling only to watch as pop sprayed out of dozens of bottles all at the same time.

"That was hilarious. I was right there," said 10-year-old Claire Anderson.

The Mentos experiment was just one of nearly a dozen experiments the students tried during the Mythbusters Camp at the Hastings Museum Wednesday.

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