Rivals used to go round and round

Race car driver Lanny Hanjy (right) of Hastings receives a
trophy after winning a trophy dash at Hastings Raceway in
this photo taken May 11, 1973. 

The rivalry between Hastings stock car drivers Wayne Huntley and Lanny Hajny was the talk of the town in the mid-1960s and 70s.

As many as 3,000-plus spectators gathered on Friday nights at Hastings Raceway each racing season to watch the two drivers do battle.

As Hajny's son, Mike, recalls, their heats had all the elements necessary for a good rivalry. Both were excellent drivers. Both, based on their favorable point rankings, would start off at the back of the pack, then weave their way into contention by the final lap. Hajny's strategy was simple: to follow Huntley to the front of the pack and stay there.

"They were always racing each other hard," Mike said. "They always were good friends, but you know, competitive.

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