Faces of Tribland: Mary Fisk

Mary Fisk high-fives students on their way out of school
Tuesday, May 20 at St. Michael's Elementary School. Fisk
retired after teaching 40 years at Hastings Catholic Schools.

After going to school every day for 57 years, Mary Fisk has finally packed her books and left for the last time.

“I think one of the things I’ll miss is just the routine,” Fisk said recently. “This will be the first fall in 57 years I haven’t gotten ready to go to school.”

Fisk, 62, retired this spring from her fifth-grade teaching position at Hastings Catholic Schools where she has taught for 40 years.
Add those 40 years to her years as a student at Sutherland Public Schools and Hastings College and Fisk has been in school for more than half a century.

“Come this fall, it’s going to be a little bit of a shock, I think,” Fisk said of not returning to school.

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