Outdoor Page: City administrator avid angler

Joe Patterson catches a bass while fishing at the Harlan
County Reservoir Thursday.

From an early age, Joe Patterson found himself hooked on fishing.

Perhaps — as he suggests — it is in his genes. His late father, I.B., who passed away when he was just 6, often took the family fishing when Joe was a youngster growing up near Topeka, Kan.

Or maybe it's because he has always enjoyed competition. From an early age, he remembers fishing with friends and family, always looking to one-up whoever set his line against him.

For whatever the reason, Patterson, who is Hastings' city administrator, has become an avid angler through the years, competing in numerous local, state and regional bass fishing competitions since moving to Hastings in 1980.

"Every time I fish with somebody different, I always learn something from them," Patterson said. "Hopefully, they learn something from me."

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