Wind, hail tear up Tribland from one end to the other

Storm damage is pictured at Kent Kottmeyer house at
12th and Kansas in Superior.

Mother Nature served up a terrifying buffet of severe weather to residents across a wide swath of Tribland Saturday night and into the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Hail up to the size of softballs, several unconfirmed tornadoes, and devastating straight-line winds left communities across the region awash in downed tree limbs and cleaning up damage to structures and vehicles on Sunday — in many cases, without the benefit of electrical service.

By email, social media, telephone and other means, storm reports rolled in from points as distant as Republican City, Giltner, Minden and Hebron within the Tribune’s coverage area. In Hildreth, Sunday morning dawned with virtually all the north-south streets impassable due to fallen tree limbs.

Telephone lines lit up Sunday morning as farmers tried to get their names on the list for repairs to damaged or destroyed center-pivot irrigation systems. In cornfields, the crop was leaning or laid over if not ripped to shreds by wind-driven hail, as well.

A quarter of electrical customers still were without power in Franklin County this morning.
LeAnne Doose, communications director with Southern Power District, said this morning that extra crews and materials were brought in this morning to help restore service to customers.

“It’s not necessarily one location but scattered in several different areas,” Doose said of the outages in Franklin County. “All of the villages are on with exception to one or two people. We are hoping to have most of those customers brought back on by the end of the day.”

Franklin County was the hardest hit of Southern Power’s area with the entire county losing power during the storm. Other hard-hit areas were Kearney and Phelps counties, which had scattered outages.

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