Faces of Tribland: Abe and Ronda Tamayo

Abe and Ronda Tamayo have served for the Salvation Army
for 25 years.

When Major Abe Tamayo picks up children in Hastings to attend day camps, after-school programs and other events at The Salvation Army, he often sees himself in their young faces.

“I came from a very impoverished family of eight children,” he said.

His father was a migrant worker who took a job in the street and sewer department in Ohio. Unfortunately, his wages weren’t enough to provide for the family so they depended on commodities and The Salvation Army to get by.

“I was that dirty, filthy, smelly Spanglish-speaking child, behind the curve because I had language barriers,” Abe said. “But, thanks to the ministry, of The Salvation Army, life has turned out so well for me.”

On June 10, Abe and his wife, Major Ronda Tamayo, celebrated 25 years as officers in The Salvation Army.

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