Farm hit again four years to the day

A large grain bin owned by Jack and Eilene Hynes was
knocked off its concrete foundation Saturday night on
Holstein Avenue, two miles south of Holstein. The bin
was empty when the straight-line winds hit the area.

HOLSTEIN — Four years to the day, Annette Gentert was reliving a nightmare — only she wasn’t asleep.

On June 14, 2010, Gentert’s home five miles southwest of Holstein on Winchester Avenue was demolished by a tornado.

Flash forward to Saturday night, and it looked like it was happening again on June 14.

As strong, straight-line winds hit her new home, she headed for shelter in her storm room in the basement.

Water was pouring into the concrete walls of the room as the high winds hit.

This time her house withstood Mother Nature’s fury with minor damage but several of her outbuildings were damaged, including heavy damage to the farm’s welding shop.

“I built a storm shelter after what happened four years ago. I went into that. I could hear glass breaking and things hitting the house. I cried a lot,” she said.

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