Faces of Business: Anne Cannon

Anne Cannon, director of the Hastings Literacy
Program, talks with student Bob Pearson who is studying
math for his upcoming GED test. Pearson said he has
some great teachers assisting him to get his GED. 'I'm
not going to give up,' he said.

´╗┐Sometimes you have to experience a situation to know what you're talking about.

Anne Cannon, executive director of the Hastings Literacy Program, can walk the talk when it comes to working with students to get a General Educa-tional Development diploma.

Because her parents moved around so much, she dropped out of school. She later obtained a GED herself.

"I've always lived in big cities," said Cannon, who was born in Hastings. "My dad was in the Air Force, and I moved all around the country."

After living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, her parents moved to a small town her junior year in high school.

"The school I went to was a K-12, and I had been going to school in huge schools," Cannon said. "I moved to a town that had a population less than the number of students in my high school. It was a huge adjustment. It just wasn't for me. I wanted to get back to the city, so I dropped out. Within a month after dropping out, I just went and took my GED and passed it."

She attended college on a part-time basis in Texas before moving back to Hastings at age 22.

"I got my degree eventually when I came back here," she said. "I was married, had children and was working full time. I transferred some of my credits from Texas and got my degree. That's how I got this job."

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