Large limb falls on car

When a large tree split in half during a midnight storm Friday,
a large limb came crashing down on Staci Burmood’s house and
car at 403 N California Ave. The car, belonging to her late
mother, was seriously damaged by the large limb.

Staci Burmood doesn’t know whether she should feel lucky after two storms within a week have knocked down trees at her house.
Early Saturday, a large limb came down onto her home, also crushing a car that belonged to her mother.

“It was my mother’s, and she passed,” Burmood said. “It was hard for (my father) to get rid of it, so I’ve been driving it. I should have had mine out there.”

She said that before the large limb crashed down, she was sitting in the car.

“The power went out and flicked right back on. The garage light was on,” she said. “It had apparently set my garage door open a little. I left the garage door opener in the car. I was actually sitting in the car, in the driver’s side, getting the garage door opener about five minutes before.

“So Mother Nature doesn’t like me right now, but God sure is loving me.”

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