Museum drops 1,200-pound statue

Juan Aguilar (left) and Nick Tripe of Carmichael Construction
work to install "A Narrow Escape" front of the Hastings
Museum Thursday.

Armed with cameras and smartphones, several dozen Hastings Museum employees, guests and other community members gathered on the lawn of the museum this morning to watch as a new exhibit was "flown" in.

The bronze statue, "A Narrow Escape," flew over the museum's front lawn with the help of a crane before being brought down onto a small cement pad just to the southwest of the museum's main entrance.

The life-size, 1,200-pound statue depicts two young boys riding their horse with arrows through their bodies pinning them together and to the horse as they escaped a Native American attack.

Becky Tideman, director of marketing for the museum, said she believes the donation is great for all involved.

"We think this is a win/win/win," she said. "This is a beautiful piece of artwork in a high-traffic location. They couldn't have asked for a better location because what they want to do is increase appreciation for the historical significance of it."

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