Roundabouts may be part of future

The Central Community College-Hastings campus is home to
the only two roundabouts in the area currently but
roundabouts could become the norm for helping control
traffic in the future.

The use of more roundabouts could part of the city's future to increase public safety.

While roundabouts are common across the nation, they are increasingly becoming part of the landscape in Nebraska as traffic engineers lean on them to lessen the severity of car crashes.

In Hastings, just two roundabouts have been installed in the community and both are at Central Community College. Meanwhile, Lincoln has installed 34 roundabouts and has three more under construction.

"We revised the subdivision regulations about four years ago. At that time, we had reviewed what the city of Lincoln had used and we basically adopted the standards Lincoln uses for roundabouts placements. That is currently in our city code," said Dave Wacker, Hastings city engineer. "There might be some (more in Hastings) at certain locations.

"We look at traffic flow, circulation and areas where we have accidents. Sometimes it is more difficult (to build them) in a developed area because of the bulb diameter that you need."

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