Amy Hamburger is pictured at Bob Sass Flowers located at 2618 W. Second St. in Hastings.

Bob Sass Flowers has grown to become more than just a floral shop during its span of 65 years in business in Hastings.

“Bob Sass started with just flowers and then as we have evolved over the years — with things changing — we have ventured out and expanded our business into home decor,” said Amy Hamburger, whose father, Bob, started the business.

Amy, who is the co-owner of the business along with her husband, Dave, said the two of them felt that there was a definite need for places in Hastings where customers could go and see home decor accessories or arrange an in-person visit for decorating ideas.

“We carry the latest trends in home décor, accent pieces and accessories,” Amy said. “We even go out to people’s homes to decorate their outdoor pots and help them accessorize their homes.”

They also saw the need to expand into more product lines as a way to help fill gaps in the community after other businesses closed or left the community.

“We saw with the closing of a few businesses here and there over the last 10 years, and felt that there was a need for us to pick up some of those lines these businesses once covered,” Dave said.

This approach allowed them to expand into not only home decor, but baby items from diapers to shoes to books and puzzles. It also allowed them to expand their gift line, as well.

The Hamburgers said the fact that they have so much to offer is what catches many customers by surprise when they visit the store.

“People come in and a lot of their comments are, ‘Wow, I didn’t know you had so many items in here,’ ” Amy said.

Amy said the family’s business got started in Hastings after her father, who was working for a florist in Grand Island at the time, was offered a job in Hastings at Davidson Floral Co.

It was in 1955, not long after he took the job, that he was able to purchase the business from the original owner and renamed it Bob Sass Flowers.

“He saw the opportunity here in Hastings, he liked the community, the feel was right and everything kind of fell together,” Dave said.

Dave and Amy have been running the business for 30 years.

“We take great care and pride to provide the very best service that we can,” Dave said. “We treat everybody like family — how we would our own sons and daughters.”

Since Dave and Amy both grew up in Hastings they take a lot of interest in what’s going in the community.

“We are very much ingrained in the Hastings community and we love the community very much,” Dave said.

Bob Sass Flowers