Adams County to post weight limits on roads

The Adams County Roads Department will be posting weight limits on many of the county's asphalt roads next week to prevent damage to pavement as the ground freezes and thaws.
The weight limits will apply to several of the county's major arteries, including West 12th Street through Juniata to Prosser Avenue. The county has not posted weight limits on its asphalt sections since 2012, and even then the limits only applied to older or weaker road segments.

This year's extremely cold temperatures, which froze the ground as much as 18-24 inches deep in some areas, necessitated more widespread limits, said Dawn Miller, Adams County roads superintendent.

"This year's deep freezes affected the road subgrades and that really causes fluctuation when the ground thaws. I call it sweating. Moisture needs a way to escape, so it finds and creates cracks in the asphalt," Miller said. "It's unfortunate, but this year's temperatures were so extreme we needed to look at all the county roads."

The weight limits are posted at 15 tons in some areas and 20 tons in other areas, meaning most of the vehicles affected will be trucks and large transportation vehicles. The county roads department is sending notices about the postings to area grain elevators, trucking companies and feed yards. Trucks are encouraged to take county gravel roads and will be limited to only a couple miles of travel on asphalt roads in some areas.

As farmers prepare to fertilize, many supply trucks are coming in and out of elevators and other facilities on the east side of the county, Miller said. Those companies are encouraged to contact the county roads department about the weight postings at 402-461-7173. A complete map of the weight limits can be found at on the roads department page.

A limit of 7 tons per axle and a 20-ton gross weight limit will apply on the following roads:
—12th Street from Adams Central Avenue to Prosser Avenue
— Showboat Boulevard from J Street to the southern edge of the county
— Holstein Avenue from J Street south to Powerline Road
— Alda Avenue from 12th Street to the northern edge of the county
— Roseland Avenue from J Street south to Sundown Road
— Prosser Avenue from Kenesaw Boulevard north to 94th Street

A limit of 7 tons per axle and a 15-ton gross weight limit will apply on the following roads:
— Adams Central Avenue from 12th Street south to Monument Road
— Bladen Avenue from Sundown Road to the southern edge of the county
— Blue Hill Road from Elkhorn Avenue to Ayr Avenue

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