Deweese native feels feds interfere too much

As director of the agri-business litigation division for the Kutak Rock law firm in Omaha, Deweese native Brian Buescher has seen a lot of what he sees as overstepping of boundaries by the federal government.

And that is partially why he decided to throw his hat into the Nebraska attorney general's race three weeks ago.

Buescher, 39, has prescribed to conservative Republican ideology since high school, when he gave a speech at Sandy Creek High School endorsing George Bush for president in 1992.
The former Douglas County Republican Party chairman he served as state finance director for the party and was one of two representatives on the platform committee representing Nebraska at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, Fla., in August 2012.

"That experience shows I've been very interested in conservative politics, fiscal, and social conservative issues," he said. "What brought me to this point is my legal practice, pushing back on government regulations.

"My view is that over the last five years the federal government has been much more aggressive in regulating, particularly the ag industry. It's been more aggressive in trying to take over more parts of our lives, like health care. What I do as a lawyer is to push back successfully on numerous occasions, to say, 'Listen federal government, I don't believe you have the authority to do what you're doing.' "

In that way, he said he identifies closely with current Attorney General Jon Bruning, who has filed more than 20 lawsuits against the federal government, a practice Buescher said he would continue if elected in order to uphold the rights of Nebraskans.
Buescher believes that failure to resist such regulations ultimately will threaten the freedoms Nebraskans have enjoyed for more than a century.

"Quite frankly, we need to push back on the federal government," he said. "Nebraska can run its own state a lot better than the federal government can."

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