Area high schools students compete in academic event

High school students often compete in various athletics and activities, but on Wednesday, students from 26 schools got the chance to compete academically.

Central Community College hosted the 25th annual ACTIONS Day, a scholastic competition that pits students from across the area in paper-and-pencil exams in 40 different test categories. ACTIONS is an acronym for “Academic Competition that Inspires Our Nation’s Scholars,” and includes exams in categories like algebra, accounting, music, art, English, mythology, world geography and much more.

This year’s event included 665 students taking 1,716 tests. Each student takes at least two tests. At the end of the day, trophies are awarded for the top five finishers in each testing category.

Jessica Harms, a Wilcox-Hildreth senior, was participating for the second year and planned to take tests in trigonometry and general math. Last year she won second-place in the word problems category.

“It’s kind of nice not doing a sport thing,” Harms said. “You can show the academic side of your school.”.

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