Faces of Tribland: From driving winds to driving cars, forecaster has it covered

Angela Oder, a metorologist at the National Weather Service
in Hastings, has become a familiar face at Kearney Raceway
Park where she races with her family.

Whether forecasting tornadic activity or spinning her way toward the finish line, Hastings resident Angela Oder is accustomed to having a world of power at her fingertips.

Oder, 37, has been putting her drag-racing skills to the test against all comers since 2000, about two years longer than her career as a meteorologist. Among her toughest opponents on the drag strip: her middle brother, Preston, and father, John.

It’s an expensive hobby, she said, one that rarely pays for itself on a good day. But, to her, racing has never been about the money.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” she said. “For us, it was a good opportunity to spend a lot of time as a family together doing something fun. And we’ve been pretty good at it at times.”

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