Adams Central takes on ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’

Adams Central’s musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” has something for everyone including an ‘eye-catching’ dreamcoat.

“I think this is a show that is easy to identify with,” musical director Linda Johnson said. “The music is very enjoyable and there’s different styles of music throughout the show.”

The show will be performed 7:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday and 2:30 p.m., Sunday. For tickets call 402-463-3285 extension 303.

The musical written by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, which debuted in 1968, tells the story Joseph and his “coat of many colors” from the Biblical book of Genesis.

Songs in the production include rock ‘n’ roll, French folk and calypso.

“There’s something for everyone in the audience,” Johnson said.

Doing “Joseph” requires an extensive collection of male talent, which is why Johnson selected the show for this year. Joseph’s 12 brothers sell him into slavery.

“The reason I did Joseph this year was because I knew I had the people in choir to do that,” she said. “We have a real strong men’s section in our varsity choir and that’s what this show calls for.”

Senior Keithan Dart who plays Joseph, Johnson said, has a wide range of vocal talent and strong tenor voice. The part is serious but one Johnson said she knew Dart could do well.

“Keithan handles himself well on a daily basis,” she said.

Like Johnson, Dart said one of his favorite aspects of the show is the diversity of the music.

“This musical, Andrew Lloyd Webber just tied together so many different genres,” he said. “There’s ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll, there’s some harder rock, there’s a country scene. It’s really neat how it all fits together.”

Besides a wealth of male talent, Adams Central also has several strong female singers, Johnson said, which is why she decided to divide the narrator part among three girls.

“We had some strong girls who came in and auditioned, and we just decided we would break it apart,” Johnson said.

For junior Katie Ruth, who shares the part with Jade Spady and Kaitlyn Grothen, it has not been difficult splitting such a big role.

“The narrator itself is such an extensive part that I don’t think it would even be possible for one girl to play the entire part,” Ruth said. “So I’m very thankful she gave it to three of us, and we each have a good amount of things to sing. I think it’s a great thing that three of us have it because all three of us get an experience of being a lead in a musical. They’ve done a great job with it.”

The biggest draw to this production, Ruth said, is that not just the on-stage talent is from Adams Central, but so is every other aspect of the show.

“Everything we do is local,” she said. “We don’t hire anyone to do choreography. We don’t hire anyone to do anything. Our shop class builds our sets. That is something that is anymore extremely rare. Everything you see here is a complete Adams Central production and that is something to be proud of.”

Students have put a lot of sweat equity into “Joseph.”

“Our set is elaborate and what they’ve done with it. We’ve had quite a few days off the past few months and every single day people were here, even if we weren’t on the committee,” she said. “We gave up a lot of time just to say ‘we did everything ourselves’ and we are proud to say that.”

Coming up with the choreography was handled in large part by senior Emma Bohlen, who also is head of the ticket committee and plays Mrs. Potiphar, who tries to seduce Joseph.

It’s been fun to play such an over-the-top part, she said.

“It’s been great,” she said. “That’s my personality. I’m known as the goofy, outspoken one. This musical, it’s serious in many, many ways and there’s only a few jokes along the way.

“So my scene is the one of those that is a laugh breaker, which is awesome because it goes from serious, Joseph being abandoned from his brothers and then all of a sudden this crazy scene when I’m all over him.”

Dart said the choreography and sets fits the show perfectly.

The costumes, handled by teacher and stage director Cheryl Aubrey, are also perfect. That includes Joseph’s amazing, technicolor dreamcoat.

“The coat is amazing,” he said. “It’s really colorful. It’s bright and vivid and really catches the eye.”

This cast of around 80 AC students of all ages is ready for showtime, Bohlen said.

“We have all worked so hard and we’re all ready to perform it,” she said. “We’ve been practicing so much that we’re tried and practicing and we’re ready to go out on stage and perform it for everyone.”

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