Roger Doerr to retire after 44 years at HC

Roger Doerr is pictured on the part of Hastings College
campus that used to be a golf course Friday. Doerr will
retire from his position as business professor and golf
coach this month.

Roger Doerr, longtime professor, coach and fundraiser in the Hastings College community, is a self-proclaimed man of many hats, and has been for most of his life.

He enjoys swimming and jogging, as well as any golf game he can find time for. He is an avid reader. He has paved a career as an educator and has raised millions of dollars for the betterment of HC.

Even when the Hastings High graduate was studying business and economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he took handfuls of classes in English literature and Sociology, just because he was interested.

And now, looking back on his 44-year career at Hastings College, he says that the institution has challenged him to utilize his diverse range of skills and interests to support the academic, financial and environmental facets of the school.

The 67-year-old Doerr will retire from his post as business and economics professor in May.

"I didn't plan for this kind of a career, but it has been just so rewarding," Doerr said.

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