Clayton Anderson reminds CCC grads they are not alone

Retired United States astronaut Clayton Anderson
encourages graduates to Live Long and Prosper as he
speaks about his time in space Saturday at the Central
Community College-Hastings commencement ceremony.

Is there life out there? Are we, Earthlings, alone in the universe?

That was the question astronaut and Nebraska native Clayton Anderson asked of the 2013 graduating class of Central Community College-Hastings Saturday.

"As a United States astronaut, I'm often asked if I believe there is new life and new civilizations out there," Anderson said. "'Have you ever seen an UFO?' they like to ask. 'Do you believe in extra-terrestrials like ET?' Well, I didn't see any of those directly, nor did any of them try to contact me telepathically, but I firmly believe we are not alone."
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