Hawthorne students celebrate pet day

Tate McIntyre embraces his horse, Champ, during the third
annual pet show Tuesday at Hawthorne Elementary.
Second-graders researched their pets and wrote a report
before bringing their animals to school to be seen by other

Standing in the school yard at Hawthorne Elementary, second-grader Hunter Treffer holds onto his small dog.

Other students of all ages pass by asking if they can pet his Yorkie named Swiffer or just read a bit of the sign stuck in the ground at his feet.

Along the edges of the playground to his right and left, Hunter can see his classmates standing there with their own dogs, some that jump and bark while others sit quietly munching on treats.

The dogs and a variety of other animals were on display as part of the third annual second-grade pet show at Hawthorne.

Teacher Laurie Moncrief said she and fellow second-grade teacher Nancy Oerter started the pet show three years ago as a way to allow students to bring their pets to school.

“Ever since I’ve taught second grade, the kids have always wanted to bring their pets to school,” Moncrief said. “They always say, ‘Can I bring my dog or cat?’ So we tried to think of a way they could bring their pets to school and just do it all at once. That’s how it started.”
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