Area authorities nab chase suspect who fled on foot

HEBRON — A woman who fled on foot from authorities near here early Thursday morning following a high-speed chase on U.S. Highway 81 has been apprehended, the Thayer County Sheriff's Office announced.

Around 4 p.m., the Sheriff's Office announced via social media that the woman, previously identified as 27-year-old Heather Galvez, had been arrested at a Hebron motel after law enforcement authorities forced their way into her room and she tried to flee again.

Galvez entered Thayer County around 12:50 a.m. Thursday while southbound on U.S. 81 and involved in a high-speed chase with Nebraska State Patrol and Fillmore County sheriff's officers. The Thayer County Sheriff's Office joined the fray at that point.

Galvez, who reportedly had been leading officers on the pursuit since around 12:15 and had driven part of the way without headlights, abandoned the vehicle just south of Hebron after driving over stop spikes laid out by the authorities. She then fled into a marshy area with trees about one mile south of town and was not seen again for several hours.

In a social media post announcing Galvez's arrest, the Sheriff's Office said Thayer County Sheriff David Lee had received information that the woman may have been observed at a motel. He then conferred with the motel manager and concluded the woman was staying there.

The woman reportedly barricaded herself inside her room and refused to open the door, so sheriff's officers and a Nebraska state trooper made a forced entry and the woman tried to flee again but failed. She was taken into custody and transported to the Thayer County Jail.

Earlier Thursday, Lee said Galvez's last known address was in Colorado Springs, Colo., and that drugs had been found inside her abandoned vehicle.

York County was filing charges against Galvez by Thursday morning. She already faced a warrant for her arrest in Colorado.

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