Sutton sustains structural damage, remains without power

SUTTON — At least two unconfirmed tornadoes touched down in Clay County Sunday evening, destroying three homes and delivering significant structural damage to much of the town of Sutton.

About 2,000 residents in Sutton, Saronville and the surrounding area remained without power today as crews began to assess building damage and clear metal, brick and tree debris.

Storm spotter crews were dispatched from communities throughout Clay County starting around 2 p.m. Sunday and tracked several funnel clouds through the area. A tornado was spotted heading northeast from Clay Center around 4:10 p.m. and touched down in the Sutton community around 4:15.

Tornadoes are considered unconfirmed until the National Weather Service receives information from damage assessment teams. Those teams were dispatched to the area today.

“Everything happened so fast,” said Alan Quail, a member of the Sutton volunteer fire department and emergency manager for the community.

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