Seeing history is believing for Hastings Middle School students

Gary Pettit of Hastings loads a cannon for a Civil War
re-enactment demonstration for eighth-grade students
Monday at Hastings Middle School.

A soldier is shot in the shoulder. Instead of being taken to a sterile facility where he's given medication by a doctor before the bullet is removed, the man lays on a sheet.

A fellow soldier puts a cloth saturated with chloroform over the injured soldier's nose. It knocks him out just before the doctor uses several bloodied and non-sanitized instruments to dig the bullet out at the edge of a battlefield.

That was just one of the stories eighth-grade students heard Monday about war life during Civil War Day at the Hastings Middle School.

The annual event gives eighth-graders a chance to learn about the Civil War from a group of re-enactors who share stories of medicine, camp life, espionage and artillery of the Civil War era.

"It's an awesome opportunity any time we can allow students to experience history as opposed to hearing or reading about it," said social studies teacher Raleigh White.

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