Canvassing board finalizes election

The Adams County canvassing board has signed off on the results of Tuesday’s primary election and the results will stand.

The board certified the results Thursday after it finished checking the results about 5:30 p.m., after finding some discrepancies.

Adams County Clerk Ramona Thomas said a glitch in the system caused early voters to be counted twice in the initial results. The count has been reduced, but the correction didn’t change the outcome in any race.

“The numbers will be a little different but it won’t affect the outcome of anything,” she said. “They will be a little lower for everybody.”

The closest race was for the Adams County Board of Supervisors District 3 seat. In the initial count released Tuesday, only nine votes separated Republican candidates Jennifer Czekai and Jim Kostal. Czekai picked up one vote from a provisional ballot to reduce the gap to eight, but was still short of winning the race. Bill Johnson of Ayr finished third in the race

Had the results been within 1 percent, Thomas said an automatic recount would have been conducted. The eight-vote difference was a 1.27 percent gap, thus not requiring a recount.

Thomas said Czekai can request a recount at her own expense within 10 days of the canvassing board adjournment.

The official tallies from the election will be released on the county’s website,

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