FACES OF TRIBLAND: Golden anniversary with HPS

Matt Pershing, vice president of the Hastings Board of
Education, congratulates Arlene Geitz for her 50 years of
service to the district at the board meeting Monday night.

Through her work in a variety of positions, Hastings resident Arlene Geitz has racked up a total of 50 years of service to Hastings Public Schools.

"If someone told me in 1954 I would be in education until now, I wouldn't have believed it," she told the Tribune.

On Monday, Geitz was honored by the Hastings Board of Education for her years of service.

"Arlene has worked as a teacher, paraeducator, office para and, doggone it, she's volunteering now," said Superintendent Craig Kautz at Monday's meeting. "This is unique in my experience but you're looking at an individual who has worked for the Hastings Public Schools in a variety of fashions for 50 years. Congratulations."

Geitz, age 76, graduated from Campbell High School in northeast Franklin County in 1954 and spent 10 weeks that summer attending teacher education classes at Kearney State College.

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