Exhibit expands

Gary Staab glues the head of an ammonite he sculpted onto
its shell Monday at the Hastings Museum. The piece was
added to the Cretaceous sea scene.

A 5-foot-long juvenile turtle and three ammonites the size of car tires are the last pieces being added to the Cretaceous Sea exhibit at the Hastings Museum.

On Monday, Hastings College alum and paleoartist Gary Staab and two assistants mounted the final pieces of the exhibit in the museum's lightwell.

"It's exciting to have been part of doing these," Staab said. "It started out with one animal and turned into a more expansive idea and has been a great thing to be a part of."

The project started in 2006 as an idea by the Hastings Museum's Board of Trustees who wanted to start with the Cretaceous Sea in the telling of Nebraska's history.

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