Memorial a reminder to continue legacies of service

KENESAW — Several generations were represented in a gathering for the dedication Monday of Kenesaw's new Veterans and Kenesaw Volunteer Fire and Rescue Memorial.

Veterans and residents of the Kenesaw senior center stood shoulder-to-shoulder with area business owners, school-aged kids and families, a sign of the uniting spirit of patriotism that shows its colors on Memorial Day.

Retired Air Force Colonel Gloria Hoban of Kenesaw addressed the crowd in the memorial's dedication ceremony by challenging members of each generation to contemplate their role in serving the county and one another.

"This memorial serves as a call to service for all of us, and that service can come in many forms," she said. "We are thankful for those the memorial commemorates and proud of the lessons it passes on to our children — a love of country, pride in community and dedication to service."

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