Landfill expansion to begin this week

The lifetime of the Hastings Municipal Solid Waste Landfill is nearing its twilight years and thus the facility is in need of attention — more specifically, expansion.

A contract officially moving the six-phase landfill into its fifth expansion phase was approved unanimously by the Hastings City Council after some discussion Tuesday night.

The project will expand the landfill vertically and horizontally to the west, extending the life of the landfill until the year 2037, but not pushing the landfill beyond the existing site boundaries. The project is budgeted at $1.61 million. Winning bidder Siel Construction of Franklin is expected to begin work this week.

Council members agreed Tuesday that contracts like this are a necessary part of managing the landfill, but they also discussed initiatives that could be taken with waste management in the city in order to cut the cost and environmental burden posed by the landfill life cycles.

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