Hastings native joins college friends to help Oklahoma tornado victims

A homeowner from Moore, Okla., named Steve (left) poses
for a photo with volunteers Bailey and Josh Johnson of
Hastings, Travis Ward and Lauren Williams of Omaha, and
Matt and Hope Witt of Oklahoma City Sunday as they
volunteered to help clean up following a May 20 tornado.

With his July bar examination drawing near, it wasn't as though Josh Johnson was needing one more thing to fill his summer palette.

But as Johnson, a 2004 graduate of Hastings High, chatted with his former Morningside College of Iowa soccer teammate Travis Ward of Omaha, he decided he had to make time to do the right thing, even though it proved to be less than convenient to do so.

Johnson, who finished law school at University of Nebraska-Lincoln this month, joined his 6-months-pregnant wife, Bailey, and other fellow Morningside alums Ward and Lauren Williams of Omaha on a spontaneous weekend mission trip to assist the victims of the horrific tornado that destroyed the town of Moore, Okla., on May 20. Joining them on site were additional Morningside alums Matt Witt and his wife, Hope, of Oklahoma City, whose home was undamaged by the tornado. Matt is also a graduate of Hastings High.

Johnson was in Colorado at the time he decided to join the makeshift caravan to assist victims in Moore. He hastily made a Facebook post before heading back to Hastings, asking friends to drop off what supplies they could.

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