From Edgar to Sweden and back

Edgar native Bob Mikkelsen (left) and Jorn Person-Delvert
of Sweden were part of a student exchange program 51
years ago that sent Mikkelsen to Sweden and Person-
Delvert to Edgar.

Their backgrounds couldn't have been more different. Yet the paths of Edgar exchange students Robert "Bob" Mikkelsen and Jorn Person-Delvert seem to be filled with more similarities than differences.

Mikkelsen, a native of Edgar, spent a year in Sweden in 1962-63, while Person-Delvert lived with Mikkelsen's parents in Edgar during that same stretch of time. Though more than twice as populated as it is today, Edgar was still a town of less than 1,000, compared with Stockholm, which was more than 1 million strong in those days.

The two men, who met only briefly in Sweden more than 50 years ago, were reunited this past week at Edgar's 50th reunion for the Class of 1963. Now doctors, they spent the better part of Memorial Day weekend sharing stories about their adventures in each other's stomping grounds.

"For me, it was a huge cultural change," Mikkelsen said. "I grew up in Edgar, a very small rural town, so when I went to Sweden and had to learn a new language and live in a large city and large high school, it was wonderful, but very different."

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