Andy Raun
Region/Farm News Editor
(402) 461-1255

High School: Minden High School, 1989

College and Major: Bachelor of Journalism (news-editorial), University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1993

Life Before the Tribune: I worked on the family farm with my dad and brother throughout high school and into my college years. At UNL, I was a reporter and copy editor for the campus newspaper, The Daily Nebraskan. I was the Tribune's summer news intern in 1992, then started full time as the city government reporter the following year. I started my current position in 1998.

Favorite color: Green

Favorite food: Prime rib

Favorite (workday) drink: Coffee

If you won the lottery what would you do? I'd finally know how I'm going to pay for my kids' college education.

Do you need glasses to read? Yes! Newspaper work is notoriously hard on the eyes.

Your Super power? I am the Tribune spelling bee champion for 2012! I'm also known for memorizing phone numbers and retaining other miscellaneous, and most often useless, information.

Grrr: It drives me crazy when people don't read our newspaper and then claim there's nothing in it.

Wish from a Genie: I would wish to win the lottery. (See above.)

Best thing ever: Fisher Rainbow Fountain

I grew up on a farm south of Norman and was raised with a deep love of agriculture and rural communities. I'm blessed that my work here at the Tribune allows me to serve farmers, ranchers and the people of our area towns, telling their stories and helping to connect them with useful information. I'm very proud of our staff of reporters and editors, and am especially fortunate to work with a network of community-based correspondents who help us keep track of what's happening throughout Tribland. If you have an ag or regional story idea, feel free to give Tony Herrman or me a call here at the office or contact the correspondent in your area.

Andy Raun
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