Angie Duering
Office Manager
(402) 461-1211

High School: Blue Hill High School

College and Major: Grand Island School of Business.

Life Before the Tribune: I worked in a couple of banks as a teller and a proof operator.

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite food: Burrito

Favorite (workday) drink: Bean me up!

If you won the lottery what would you do? Move all family members to the same state! (Notice I didn't say the same town!)

Do you need glasses to read? Are you kidding? I need glasses to find my glasses if I don't put them in the same place every night!

Your Super power? Tenacity

Grrr: How much space do I have?

Wish from a Genie: Wisdom.

Best thing ever: Spending lots of time with family & vacations.


I grew up on a farm near Blue Hill in the home where my father was born. I have 5 brothers and we all helped with farm work. At the Tribune I am head book keeper in charge of billings, answer customers' questions and help where needed. I also do the payroll. I started here in 1983 as the switchboard operator.

Angie Duering
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