Darran Fowler
(402) 461-1203

High School: Sandy Creek

College and Major: University of Nebraska-Lincoln; majored in Journalism

Life Before the Tribune: Raked leaves for pop money at "Goober's" Grocery; worked at Leverage Tools; installed underground sprinkler systems; worked at a grain elevator; worked in the electronics and men's clothing department at Miller & Paine in Lincoln; editor of the Plainview News.

Favorite color: Husker red

Favorite food: Anything grilled.

Favorite (workday) drink: I keep the contents of my desk drawer secret.

If you won the lottery what would you do? Make sure the Tribune got the scoop on the story.

Do you need glasses to read? Yes. I have 3 cheaters at work, 2 at home and 1 in my vehicle.

Your Super power? Freedom of the Press.

Grrr: Selfishness and the word "can't."

Wish from a Genie: Build new elementary schools for Adam Central and Hastings Public and create 1,000 jobs in Hastings.

Best thing ever: Birth of your children is as good as it gets.

I was born at Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital in 1964. I attended Alcott Elementary for two years before my family moved to Glenvil where youth activities included playing the juke box, pinball machines, shuffleboard, pool and snooker at the American Legion. Friday was Family Night at the car races at the Adams County Fairgrounds, then going to eat burgers at the Knights of Columbus afterward and get autographs from the drivers. I liked to eat Challengers and party fries at Chubbyville. My first car was a 1967 Mustang. I burned a lot of gas cruising Burlington. I married Toni Wolfe, a Fairfield native and classmate at Sandy Creek, in 1987. We have three children: Jami, Jake and Jacki. At work, I just try to grease the wheels.

Darran Fowler
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