Doug Edwards
IT Manager
(402) 461-1261

High School: Alliance (NE) High School

College and Major: N/A

Life Before the Tribune: Delivered papers — one day, out of curiosity, I went inside the newspaper building and never got out

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite food: Thanksgiving Dinner

Favorite (workday) drink: Work: coffee — Home: better stuff

If you won the lottery what would you do? Have fun deciding who and what to give it to.

Do you need glasses? One set for driving, one set for computers, one set for reading ... don't get old.

Your Super power? Admiring those that have them.

Grrr: When I can't figure out a problem

Wish from a Genie: That every child on earth attends a fantastic grade school with inspiring teachers.

Best thing ever: My wife

I have enjoyed a career in the production segment of the newspaper industry; going from handset type and hand-fed presses to Linotypes, to the first photo typesetters, to computerized pagination, and now to the Web and its related programs. So, every few years the technology (and the job) transformed. I have pleasant memories of traveling to, and working at many of the Seaton Publishing newspapers over 59 years; and enjoying the good people that were employed there. Just one of my souvenirs is a type case drawer from the original Deadwood Pioneer-Times at Deadwood, SD.

Doug Edwards
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