Jennifer Whiteley
Marketing Consultant
(402) 461-1233

High School: Adams Central High School

College and Major: Central Community College- General Education; Wayne State College- Elementary Education

Life Before the Tribune: Substitute teaching and going to school. I need a break from kids for a little while, but will hopefully go back to teaching in the future.

Favorite color: Pink and Blue

Favorite food: Anything with pasta

Favorite (workday) drink: Water and Diet Mountain Dew

If you won the lottery what would you do? I would buy me a new car, build a log cabin on a lake and enjoy life!

Do you need glasses to read? Not to read a paper, but to read signs

Your Super power? To read everyone's minds.

What irritates you? People driving on your bumper the whole way into work, every morning.

Wish from a Genie: To live on a beach or lake in silence.

Best thing ever: My husband and puppy

I am in charge of going out to businesses and selling advertising to help them promote their company to Hastings and the surrounding communities. I have been here 1 year in March and like what I do. I have an amazing husband and a precious Brittany Spaniel named Winston. Life couldn't be any better!

Jennifer Whiteley
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