Laura Bernero
City/County Government Reporter
(402) 461-1256

High School: ThunderRidge HS - Highlands Ranch, Colorado

College and Major: Hastings College - Journalism and English

Life Before the Tribune: I moved from Colorado to go to Hastings College and knew nothing about the town before I got here! But since then, I've learned so much and met so many great people. I was a campus tour guide at Hastings College, worked as an intern at the Hastings Museum, and since spring 2011 I've been covering news and feature stories for the Tribune part time.

Favorite color: Red

Favorite food: Mexican food! Hands down.

Favorite (workday) drink: Probably coffee

If you won the lottery what would you do? I would travel the world for a year, visiting every continent and volunteering in different places along the way. When I got home, I'd give the rest of the money to charity.

Do you need glasses to read? Yes, I am terribly near-sighted. I wear contacts most of the time though.

Your Super power? Mental math. It really comes in handy!

Grrr: Negativity

Wish from a Genie: More hours in the day. There are so many things I want to do!

Best thing ever: Being surrounded by people that you love.

Person dead or alive you'd like to interview and why? I don't know if there's a specific person I'd like to interview, but I've always wanted to camp out in an airport for a day and just talk to people. I love the atmosphere in airports. Everyone is going somewhere...across the country, across the world, or even just going home. You would hear so many amazing stories!

I'm a Colorado native and have a big appetite for adventure. I love to travel, hike, ski, kayak, read, meet new people and document everyday things with my film camera. When I was a kid, my family members used to tell me I could pursue writing someday, and I always thought they were just being nice. But, here I am! And I still love it.

My job at the Tribune is to keep up with all the city and county government staffs and their projects and plans for the area. This community is constantly changing and adapting. It's an exciting thing to watch! I am confident that my job is going to teach me something new every day.


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