Laura Doyle
Bookkeeper/Business Office
(402) 461-1213

High School: Hastings High School, class of 1975

College and Major: CCC/Wastewater Tech (How does that work with bookkeeping?)

Life Before the Tribune: Nebraska Cancer Care, receptionist

Favorite color: Purple (not Barney purple)

Favorite food: Chocolate chip cookies with milk.

Favorite (workday) drink: Green tea

If you won the lottery what would you do? Build a cabin in the Black Hills.

Do you need glasses to read? Depends, if I am driving or not.

Your Super power? Ice skating and jumping water puddles in the alley on my way to work.

Grrr: Crabby people

Wish from a Genie: Win the lottery.

Best thing ever: ((Hugs)) From my grandkids, and of course my wiener dogs.

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