Linda Swayze
Executive Secretary
(402) 461-1203

High School: Blue Hill High School

College and Major: N/A

Life Before the Tribune: I was employed nine years in the insurance industry, working for an independent insurance agent doing all secretarial duties.

Favorite color: Blue.

Favorite food: Pizza.

Favorite (workday) drink: Coffee and Ice Tea.

If you won the lottery what would you do? Retire, travel and spread my wealth with family and friends.

Do you need glasses to read? Reading glasses only.

Your Super power? Hopefully getting along with people.

Grrr: Passing blame to others for your own wrongdoing.

Wish from a Genie: Continued good health for myself and family.

Best thing ever: 45 years of marriage to a wonderful husband, the proud mother of two children, and grandmother to five grandchildren.

As I approach my 23rd year of employment here at the Tribune as executive secretary to the publisher and all around 'Girl Friday' to the employees, I feel blessed to be working for and with a wonderful institution. I thoroughly enjoy all of my varied job responsibilities (which are too numerous to mention), but mostly the public relations, employee assistance and working environment.

Linda Swayze
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