Nichole Julius
Multimedia Specialist
(402) 461-1253

High School: Crawford High School, Crawford, Neb.

College and Major: Pinnacle Career Institute, Lawrence, Kansas for Medical Assisting.

Life Before the Tribune: I worked various jobs from babysitting to waitressing & bartending.

Favorite color: Yellow.

Favorite food: Chips and Salsa!

Favorite (workday) drink: Mt. Dew, by the 2 liter.

If you won the lottery what would you do? What wouldn't I do should be the question. I'd probably help my family and friends out, travel, and donate some money to charities.

Do you need glasses to read? No

Your Super power? I can make it rain, just by washing my car.

Grrr: Two-faced people.

Wish from a Genie: More genies.

Best thing ever: Time with family.

Before moving to Hastings, I lived in a small town in the panhandle. While there I worked at my parents bar and loved every minute of it. Well, minus the fact I worked for my parents. I enjoyed meeting so many different people and each day was completely different from the last. In 2005, after deciding Crawford wasn't the place for me, I moved in with my sister in Hastings. About 6 months after moving here I met Keith and his 2 kids, Bailey and Caleb. We married June 18, 2011.

I have worked at the Tribune since 2006, I started in the ad composing department, building ads and laying out classified pages. In October 2011 I was promoted to Multimedia Specialist. I am now in charge of keeping the website updated, webstreaming, and various other jobs that are asked of me. I really enjoy my job because it keeps me busy and it's something different every single day.

Nichole Julius
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