Nick Blasnitz
Sports Writer
(402) 461-1270

High School: Gretna High School

College and Major: Hastings College, Media Production

Life Before the Tribune: Before the Tribune I was a college student, with a few different summer jobs. The previous two summers, I was a coach for the 12 and 13 year old Hastings Thunder little league team. Coaching the Thunder was a great experience for me, and I look forward to watching those guys continue their baseball career. I've also worked for Hastings Parks and Recreation and Iron Horse golf course. It's hard to beat free golf.

Favorite color: Crimson and Cream

Favorite food: Any kind of hamburger. If you have any interesting recipes let me know!

Favorite (workday) drink: Skim Milk

If you won the lottery what would you do? I would buy the Philadelphia Phillies and sell the entire starting rotation to the Atlanta Braves for pennies. I would even throw in Ryan Howard for free.

Do you need glasses to read? Nope. I've had great vision ever since I memorized the bottom line of an eye chart.

Your Super power? My super power is being a phenomenal dancer. I'm a pretty big hit at weddings (anyone who has really seen me dance, please do not reveal the truth).

Grrr: There's not a whole lot that gets to me, but if I had to name a few things they would include: On Demand being a week late on everything, the fact that the Atlanta Braves only won one World Series in the 14 consecutive years they won the division, MTV, and how Oklahoma City waited until I moved away to get a NBA team.

Wish from a Genie: Easy. Three more wishes. First wish would be to see a professional baseball game in every Major League ballpark in the United States. Second would be to have the blue check mark next to my Twitter handle (@NickBlasnitz), and the third would be three more wishes.

Best thing ever: God's grace. My family is a definite second, just barely beating out the TV series Scrubs (excluding season 9).

Person dead or alive you'd like to interview and why? Al Michaels. There are few sports figures that have been a part of as many big sports moments as he has. It would be fun just to listen to him talk about the earthquake in the 1989 MLB World Series, or (of course) the Miracle on Ice. I can't imagine the number of stories he would have to tell.

I've been a fan of sports for as long as I can remember. I got my first baseball glove before I could walk. I grew up playing just about every sport a typical kid can play. While living in Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner), I realized my passion was for baseball. I continued playing baseball when I moved to Gretna, Nebraska and when I went to Hastings College. I always knew I wanted to be in a profession that had something to do with sports, but never knew what that would be. My sophomore year of college, I took a sports writing class and fell in love with the idea of being a sports writer.

I started doing part-time work with the Tribune as a senior in college. Three months after I graduated, I became a full-time member of the staff as a sports writer. I've loved every day of working here. I was always told to make sure you chose a profession that you will actually enjoy doing. I'm glad I listened, because it's hard to imagine doing anything else. My hope is to continue writing for a very, very long time.

Nick Blasnitz
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