Walls have begun going up at the site of the new Adams Central Elementary just west of Hastings.

Several brick block walls have been visible on the horizon for a few weeks at the school’s new site just northeast of the U.S. Highway 6 and Adams Central Avenue intersection.

However, within the past week, the concrete panels or precast walls, as they are known, have begun arriving on site.

Adam Miller, site superintendent with Hampton Construction, said he estimates that crews will be hauling in 8-10 panels a day for quite some time as the building starts to take shape.

On Wednesday, crews with Central Nebraska Steel of Kearney began erecting and welding together the panels that will begin to frame the walls of the building’s new gymnasium.

In May 2016, Adams Central patrons approved a $19.7 million bond to purchase the land across from the existing Adams Central Junior/Senior High School to build the new single site elementary.

This new elementary building will be a three-and-a-half second school housing grades kindergarten through sixth grade. It will replace the three existing elementary schools at Juniata, Wallace and Adams Central East.

The Juniata Elementary building, in the village of Juniata, is already going through the beginning phases of construction to be converted into a district-wide preschool facility.

That construction, which consists of the building of a few walls, is very minor compared to work now going on at the new elementary site.

“I’m delighted to see the progress that is being made,” said Adams Central Board of Education member Randy Kort.

Kort walked the site with his son, Jay, a 2015 graduate of Adams Central, Thursday to get a glimpse at the early phases of construction.

“I think people are going to be pleased with the final look of the project,” Randy said. “Jay and I were commenting looking across that they look similar so it looks like the campus pulls together with the color match.”

The brick color tones on the new school are similar to those on the existing junior/senior high school building across the road.

In addition to starting construction on the building, crews with Heartland Concrete have also been on site as they laid more than 350 yards of concrete Thursday and another 180 yards Friday for some of the parking lots that will surround the building.

Adams Central Superintendent Shawn Scott said he has enjoyed watching all the work happening at the elementary site and knows community members and patrons are excited, as well.

“We’ve had a lot of people drive by and take a look and by all means do but they do need to be safe,” Scott said. “Try to stay out of the way of construction. There are a lot of semi trucks coming in so it’s always great for people to stay out of the way. Observe from a safe distance.”

One way Scott said any interested parties can keep tabs on the construction project is through the camera that is broadcasting live from the site on the school’s website.

“As long as the sun is up, you can jump on there and even zoom into certain parts,” Scott said. “And that is meant for the public.”

The New Elementary tab on the school’s website leads both to the live cam and various other bits of information on the project.

For more information or to view the live cam, go to adamscentral.us.


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