Memorial Day weekend rain may have given people their fill of water, slowing down attendance at the Hastings Aquacourt Water Park.

The Aquacourt opened May 25 but closed early that day due to evening rainstorms.

“It was pretty slow going,” said Ryan Martin, recreation superintendent for the Hastings Parks and Recreation Department.

Martin said that the slow weekend helped staff get their feet wet learning the routines and procedures.

This year, Aquacourt is changing its season family passes to season group passes. The group passes are available for up to six members who aren’t immediate family members but know each other.

Martin suggested stepparents — who are not defined as immediate family member on Aquacourt’s rates and passes web page — or babysitters may be put on group passes.

“Families are getting complex,” Martin said.

If a household is more than six people, they can be added to the group pass for $25. Any member above the six-person maximum must be an immediate family member, however.

“Once one of the people no longer lives in the household, you can no longer add people to the pass,” Martin said.

Also this year, the Aquacourt is bringing back its community scholarships, funded by the Hastings Community Foundation. The scholarships will provide four day passes to every child in a low-income household that qualifies.

“We're always wanting to enhance the quality of life for Hastings and Adams County,” Martin said.

The Aquacourt started reviewing the scholarship applications and plans to hand passes out in the coming week. Passes will available until they run out, Martin said.  

The Aquacourt also has discount pricing every day after 5 p.m. starting June 3.


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