The allure of food, rides and animals overcame the discomfort from the heat at the opening ceremonies for the carnival at the Adams County fair on Wednesday.

A few hours before the opening, the National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning through Friday with temperatures above 100 degrees expected.

“I saw a chicken lay an omelet,” said Russ Batenhorst, KSNB Local4 anchor and speaker at the ceremony.

To cool off, people scooped into their snowcones and a few ventured to get apple pie al la mode.

Bev Stein might have helped served one of the pie and ice cream combinations at the Family and Community Education Association food booth. She said she has been helping out with the fair for over a decade and took a break while other organizations served food to raise money for their group.

“It’s fun,” she said.

Stein said her favorite part about the fair are the 4-H activities. During the opening ceremonies, some of the 4-H kids made out with armfuls of light purple reserve champion and dark purple grand champion ribbons for their static entries. A few who submitted multiple entries even took grand and reserve champion in the same category.

After the ceremony ended, people worked their way to the carnival. There, the smell of turkey legs and fried food floated in the air as the rides opened up. Fitting with this year’s theme “Adams County Fair: Honestly, It’s for Everyone,” everyone found something they could enjoy.

“I win,” said Kyler Murphy, after racing his friends down a slide on a burlap sack.

“No, I won,” said Elia Williams.

“I caught air,” Kyler said, after getting back in line to race his friends down the slide again.

The carnival rides wrestled for the fair-goers attention; some played up-beat music while others simply let the excited laughs of riders do the work.

“I want to go on it again,” one girl said to her friends as their ride slowed to a stop.

As the sun began to set in the west, the scent of fried foods was slowly overcome by the smell of rides warming up as fair-goers continued to enjoy their midweek entertainment.

The fair continues until Sunday.


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